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We offer comprehensive business legal advice.

Read more about what we can assist you with in a wide range of areas of law. Please contact us if you would like additional information or would like to discuss a certain matter.

Administration law

We assist with legal services for both the public sector and for companies who trade with or require other assistance in their contacts with this sector.

Banking and finance

We represent both borrowers and lenders in various financial transactions. We assist in financial issues regarding purchase of property, including the purchase of vessels, real property, etc.

Company law

General company law is one of the foundations of all business and we actively follow developments in this area, regarding both legislation and practice, in order to guarantee the best possible service for our clients.

We assist our clients in all matters of company law, including founding, change of type of company, questions of responsibility, acquiring capital, incentive programs, mergers, liquidation, bankruptcy, leading and arranging annual general meetings etc.

Competition law and public procurement

We assist our clients with the assessment of competition issues connected to the signing of commercial agreements as well as to company acquisitions. We have access to a wide international contact network of competition law experts and we can coordinate competition law analyses in connection with the purchase of international companies.

We can also undertake assignments relating to public sector contracts and state subsidies.

Contract law

The contract is the most important form for creating binding agreements within most civil law areas. We assist our clients in a wide spectrum of contract matters, both single contracts and contracts associated with larger restructuring and transactions. In addition to the actual drafting of contracts we also assist in questions relating to interpretation, execution and negotiations. Our legal advise is aimed at supporting the commercial aims of our clients and therefore we emphasize acquiring knowledge of the client’s business areas.

We are qualified to deal with all the central issues pertaining to company and contract law. We have special experience of distribution and agency agreements, supply-, contractor-, cooperation-, licensing-, labour-, financing agreements, joint venture and shareholder’s agreements, and contracts of purchase for both real and personal property, etc.

Dispute resolution

Our aim is to find the most businesslike solution to all disputes. The majority of disputes which arise can be solved most expediently without litigation, via negotiation or mediation. However, sometimes a legal process is the only alternative. We deal with lawsuits at all courts of law, both general and special law courts. We also have experience of arbitration procedures and the coordination of international processes.

Gaming law

We assist our clients in all sorts of matters relating to gaming law. The office is a member of International Masters of Gaming Law.

IP and technology

We advise both suppliers and consumers of products and services within IT. Often it is a question of purchase of systems, licensing of software and issues surrounding the supply and purchase of Internet and online services.

We often deal with legal issues concerning IPR’s such as copyright, trademarks, know-how and domain names.

Labour law

Labour law is an everyday issue for many of our clients and we provide consultation in all areas, from individual contracts of employment to assistance in large-scale collaboration negotiations. We offer our clients comprehensive consultation in all matters concerning labour law.

Liability issues

When binding contracts are not followed or when damage occurs beyond that covered by the contract, the legal right to compensation takes effect. Estimation of among other things liability, compensation sums and cause-effect relationship are common issue.

Mergers and aquisitions

We have solid experience of different types of national and international company transactions, including acquisition of companies and assets, mergers, divisions, handovers to next generations, etc.

Our service includes all legal services connected to company transactions, including advice regarding structuring and planning of transactions, carrying out of  legal due diligence, representation at negotiations, drafting of documents, handling of  permits (for instance from competition authorities) as well as follow-ups.

Property and environmental law

We take on assignments connected to the acquisition and sale of real estate, leases, right of use, etc. and we assist in the establishment and structuring of housing and real estate companies, as well as RS-projects.

We also have experience of obtaining environmental permits as well as in other aspects of environmental law.

Transport and maritime law

We assist in all kinds of issues relating to transport law. We often undertake assignments relating to the purchase and sale of vessels, as well as their registration and financing. We have also assisted in cases of where vessels have been lost, for instance concerning limitation funds.