About the firm

In complex situations, we are the go-to legal advisors to Åland enterprises both on Åland and overseas.

We are continuously advising many of Åland’s large and medium-size companies and are often involved in significant events within the business community. We also assist companies from overseas in doing business on Åland and in Finland. We know how business deals are done and our network is broad.

Our position is built on maintaining high quality in legal analysis and tailoring our advice to the client’s specific situation. Our genuine commitment to our clients’ businesses and high availability has resulted in many long-standing client relationships.

Our goal is to provide wise and
effective advice that adds
value to our clients.

Members of the bar association

Our attorneys are members of the Finnish Bar Association. One of us is also a member of the Swedish Bar Association. An attorney-at-law is legally bound to abide by the law and observe the proper professional conduct for attorneys-at-law. Rules on the professional conduct for attorneys-at-law and other regulations for attorneys-at-law in Finland can be found on https://asianajajaliitto.fi/en/ and in Sweden on https://www.advokatsamfundet.com/

Our history

The firm was founded in 1989 under the name Advokatbyrå Neovius. In 2001, the firm was incorporated into Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd and was integrated with the Hannes Snellman network and international working environment. Since 2010, the firm has been an independent law firm under the name Widman & Co Attorneys at Law Ltd.